The role of the Tribunal Registrar in ensuring a hitch free arbitral proceeding cannot be overemphasised. Most arbitral institutions have rules and guidelines that specify the role of Tribunal Registrars in arbitration as have been identified above. Where the arbitration is ad hoc or where the arbitration institution do not provide any guideline, an arbitral tribunal handling complex proceedings would do well to appoint a registrar and assign them roles from the ones discussed herein, as may be best suited to ensure that proceedings are carried out in fair and justiciable manner. It is however fundamental that the tribunal secures the agreement of parties on the use of the registrar and the roles they are to perform in the arbitral reference.

In the context of an arbitral reference, a Registrar can be said to be a person or institution that administers, facilitates or coordinates the conduct of the arbitral reference. It could also be the secretary of the arbitral tribunal.

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